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Today, perfumes with fresh and green scents are very popular. In this article, I am going to talk about the scent that makes you feel; It is like a hot-air balloon that is waiting for you in front of the window of the room to take you on an adventurous journey deep in the forest and make you so immersed in your journey that at the end, you stay and the sweet memories that have been created for you.

This scent is also called “The Queen of Green“.

Can you guess what scent I’m talking about?!

Vent Vert

Perhaps “Vent Vert” is the most famous green perfume of the 20th century.

The perfume “Vent Vert” was created in 1947 by French perfumer Germaine Cellier for Pierre Balmain.

The new version of this perfume was introduced in 1991 with a new formulation by Calice Becker.

It was also produced with another formula from the beginning of 1999.

Vent Vert perfume is known as a wonder in modern perfumery.

But there is a story about the fresh and refreshing scent of this perfume, which is very interesting…

The dominant bitter green note of “Vent Vert” perfume is caused by the excessive use of Galbanum essential oil.

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Yes, in this article I am going to talk to you about the scent of Galbanum.

In the world of modern perfumery, it is thought that Galbanum is the origin of the formation of the “Green” fragrance family.

What do you know about Galbanum resin?

Galbanum is a gum resin extracted from Ferula gummosa Boiss.

Ferula gummosa Boiss is native to Iran and is highly respected in Iran among the indigenous people and those who are familiar with its properties.

There is another type of Galbanum resin in Iran, which is extracted from the Ferula rubricaulis Boiss plant.

The best Galbanum resin in the world is still extracted and exported from Iran.

Galbanum resin naturally exists in two forms:

  • Soft – Pasty
  • Hard

Soft-pasty Galbanum resin includes all kinds of impurities such as wood, plant organs, insects, etc. I would like to point out that the percentage of these impurities depends to a large extent on the experience of the extracted team.

From the Egyptian pyramids to the streets of Paris

Galbanum was one of the raw materials of ancient incense.

It is said that the ancient Egyptians used Iranian Galbanum in a very special perfume called “Metopian” and this indicates the age of using Galbanum in perfumery.

Before synthetics were used in the perfumery industry, Galbanum was one of the few natural raw materials available in the perfumery industry at that time.

Galbanum resin was an element that fascinated Mr. Jacques Guerlain (one of the most active and influential French perfumers of the 20th century) in the 1930s and caused the formation of green notes in the Guerlain Vol de Nuit 1933 perfume produced by him.

In 1947, Christian Dior Introduced its first fragrance, Miss Dior, with a relatively small amount of Galbanum resin to its special customers.

Galbanum resin is the olfactory power of one of the most symbolic perfumes in the world; That is, Chanel N°19 perfume by the Chanel company, which belongs to the Floral-Woody fragrance family.

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Channel no 19 perfume , galbanum smell , galbanum smells like , galbanum smell like , galbanum perfume , galbanum in perfume , galbanum fragrance , perfumes with galbanum

The primitive green and earthy notes of Chanel No. 19 (perfumer: Henri Robert) that created in 1970; the result was a very high-quality Iranian Galbanum resin.

Substitutions that never take the place of the original

Years after the production of the perfume (Chanel No. 19), due to political reasons, the access of the Chanel Company to Iranian Galbanum was very limited in a way that challenged the experts of this company.

Of course, we at Phaidyme Company cooperate with companies active in the field of perfumes, essential oils, and also the production of cosmetics all over the world in the field of selling and exporting high-quality Persian Galbanum.

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The story of Galbanum continued until the 60s, when “Allyl Amyl Glycolate” was synthesized.

Allyl Amyl Glycolate belongs to the family of fruity scents and is classified in the Top Fragrance Notes group.

Allyl Amyl Glycolate has a spicy green scent and its smell is slightly different from the smell of Galbanum. Also, its scent has a cool metallic note and a fruity note reminiscent of pineapple.

The smell of Allyl Amyl Glycolate is often compared to that of canned pineapple, which is a fairly accurate description.

Perfumers have known Allyl Amyl Glycolate for more than 70 years, but when in 1988 Davidoff Cool Water perfume with about 3% of Allyl Amyl Glycolate was released to the market, and this substance was recognized.

However, many substances with similar odor characteristics were synthesized later, usually containing a 1-substituted pent-4-en-1-one fragment, such as:


What does galbanum smell like?

The main purpose of Galbanum is to add a strong green note to any perfume, which is very valuable for this reason.

Green perfumes have fresh and lively notes that evoke the following:

  • Freshly cut grass or stems
  • Green leaves (like violet leaves)
  • Foliage
  • Moss
  • Green tea
  • And other green herbal scents

The green-smelling family is said to have emerged after World War II (WWII).

Galbanum can be used in a variety of ways because of its inherent olfactory aspects, which include:

RowScent note
5Herbacious & Woody

When formulators seek to emphasize a natural green scent, Galbanum gives the fragrance a fresh and lively character. If the emphasis is on the earthy scent; Galbanum can create a spicy and woody scent in the perfume.

The Galbanum note is rich, mysterious, and very complex, and its use is a great challenge for master perfumers.

The use of Galbanum is not recommended for amateur perfumers; because it can easily and quickly suppress any other note in a particular combination.

Note: Galbanum essential oil is completely different from its gum and has a strong green, slightly bitter, and earthy scent.

Given that Galbanum has a long-lasting smell, it can also act as a very good stabilizer in perfumes.

Characteristics of Galbanum smell:

  • Green
  • Bitter
  • Spicy
  • Permanent


One of the olfactory groups in which the scent of Galbanum is placed is Fougère.

Fougère is one of the Olfactory Groups, which derives its name from the French word Fougères, which means fern and the scent of Galbanum is also included in this family.

Ferns are odorless, and this family is more of an abstract family for fragrance classification than a true olfactory family.

The main notes of this family are:

RowMain notes
1Citrus (usually bergamot)
3Rose note (often replaced with the minty-fresh rosiness of geranium)

This group itself is divided into five categories:

  1. Aromatic
  2. Aromatic Aquatic
  3. Aromatic Fruity
  4. Aromatic Green
  5. Aromatic Spicy


Galbanum is a necessary element in the Mediterranean Olfactory Groups of Chypre.

The following notes are abundantly found in this fragrance group:

RowMain notes

This group itself is divided into the following two categories:

  1. Chypre Floral
  2. Chypre Fruity

What is going on behind the curtain of Galbanum scent?

With the advancement of analytical chemistry (Instrumental Methods) and checking the composition of Galbanum; it was found that:

«Undecatriene compound, especially 3E,5Zundeca-1,3,5-triene, which Firmenich Company called “Galbanolene Super” and also 2isobutyl-3-methoxypyrazine, nicknamed “Galbazine”, are responsible for the green scent of Galbanum.»

About Firmenich, I felt it necessary to introduce you to this company.

Firmenich Company:

The largest private company in Switzerland, which has been operating since 1895.

Relying on their important and many years of experience, as well as an innovative approach, this company produces perfumes, essences, flavors, and raw materials for their customers all over the world.

It is interesting to know that Firmenich is one of only two companies in the world that has received CDP’s triple “A” rating for climate, water, and forest for four consecutive years.

Overview uses of Galbanum scent

Phaidyme customers usually use Iranian Galbanum for the following purposes:

  • Personal care products (perfume, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Candles and Diffuser (in the form of essential oils)
  • Aromatherapy for different parts of the house (bedroom, living room, etc.)
  • Odor Neutralizers
  • Industrial Air Fresheners

We at Phaidyme Company are ready to help you in producing a unique and high-quality scent or product by offering high-quality Iranian Galbanum resin.

Scents designed with Galbanum notes

Large companies such as Alpha Aromatics have designed wonderful scents using Galbanum resin, which I will mention below:

  • Amberwood Galbanum
  • Galbanum Bloom
  • Green Willow Galbanum
  • Sweet Grass and Clay
  • Wild Iris Galbanum

Galbanum and floral accords

Galbanum works wonderfully in floral accords with the following notes:

  • Hyacinth
  • Irises
  • Narcissus
  • Violet
  • Gardenia

Nobles in Galbanum clothes

There are many perfumes in the world that have a Galbanum note in their scent, and you will get to know some of them below.

NameBrandDate of manufactureGood for
Vol de Nuit Guerlain2021women
Green Spell Eris2021Both
Vague de Folie Verte Le Cercle des Parfumeurs Createurs 2014Both
Untitled Maison Martin Margiela 2010Both
Silver Mountain Water Creed1995Both
Must de Cartier Cartier1981Women
Chanel No. 19Chanel1970Women
Vent VertPierre Balmain 1974Women

Note: Silver Mountain Water perfume (from the CREED brand) is the same popular James Gandolfini fragrance that was used during the film-taking of the sixth season of The Sopranos series.

I enjoyed writing this article; because I love the big perfumery industry very much.

As you have noticed, Iranian Galbanum resin has a unique place in the world of modern perfumery.

I hope you also enjoyed reading this specialized article.

Be with Phaidyme Company.


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