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As one of the most expensive natural gum resins in Iran, the purchase of galbanum essential oil is done every year by certain companies for the production of cosmetic and health products as well as perfumes. Of course, many of these companies prefer to carry out the essential oil extraction process by themselves and based on the required standards; for this reason, they usually buy Galbanum resin in raw form from Phaidyme Company.

The extraction of Galbanum resin as a raw material for the production of essential oil, along with the full mastery of Phaidyme company experts regarding the quality of different Galbanum resin in Iran, has caused Phaidyme company to use a specific Galbanum resin as a raw material for the production of galbanum essential oil for export based on the needs of the buyer.

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In this article, while giving technical explanations about galbanum essential oil and its main components, you will also get to know a little about the Benefits of galbanum essential oil.

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Before I introduce you to galbanum essential oil, the first must get to know the characteristics of High-quality galbanum resin as a raw material for essential oil production.

Characteristics of High-quality Galbanum

A. Based on appearance and color specifications, it should be standard.

B. Absence (minimum) of impurities, especially root, soil, stems and leaves organs.

C. Non-mixing with other plant gum resin (by cutting the wrong species of Ferula).

D. The number of impurities in the Galbanum resin should not increase the ash by 10%.

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Be careful that the use of High-quality Galbanum resin as a raw material will have a great effect on the price of each liter of galbanum essential oil produced. Besides, the Galbanum resin of each region of Iran can have different qualities from different aspects.

Grading of Galbanum resin

Galbanum resin is graded based on the amount of non-soluble substances in 90% alcohol as follows:

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Quality gradeValue (%)
Grade Aup to 10 %
Grade B11 - 25 %
Grade C26 - 36 %
Grade D36 - 50 %

Note: In any case, the amount of ash should not exceed 10%. If it exceeds this amount, it means that there are substances unrelated to the main plant in the Galbanum resin, which can be soil, stones, etc., which causes an unreasonable increase in the total weight of the Galbanum resin.

Compositions of Galbanum essential oil

Galbanum essential oil consists of seven groups of different compounds.

A. Terpene hydrocarbons makeup about 63 to 75% of essential oil and contain:

RowScientific name

And other hydrocarbons such as:

RowScientific name

B. Monoterpene alcohols and Acetate

C. Sesquiterpene

D. Azulene

E. Thiol esters

F. Pyrazine

G. Hydrocarbons with a non-terpene structure

Galbanum essential oil standard

If we want to define a standard for Galbanum essential oil, the following parameters can be a suitable basis.

Test characteristic Acceptance criteria
SmellSpecial for galbanum essential oil
Density0.792 - 0.968

Refractive index 1.4840 - 1.4890

Optical rotation +12 _ +17

α-Pinene12 - 14.75

β-Pinene min47.5 - 58
Myrtenol3.12 - 3.82

Compositions of Galbanum essential oil in different regions of Iran

Galbanum resin, which is extracted from different regions of Iran; can have various compositions and sometimes a composition may not exist at all in the samples of other regions.

Compositions of galbanum essential oil in different regions of Iran , galbanum essential oil , galbanum essential oil benefits , galbanum essential oil uses , Organic Galbanum essential oil , Buy Pure Galbanum Essential Oil
Compositions of galbanum essential oil in different regions of Iran , galbanum essential oil , galbanum essential oil benefits , galbanum essential oil uses , Organic Galbanum essential oil , Buy Pure Galbanum Essential Oil

For example, pay attention to the data in the table below, which were obtained based on the experiment.

Test name Test date ABC
1.8 cineol 2015 / 12 / 231.11.4
α-Pinene 2015 / 12 / 2318.35.37.9
β-Pinene 2015 / 12 / 2349.342.768.2

Important points in buying Galbanum essential oil

Pay attention to the following when buying Galbanum essential oil:

  • Buy from a Company whose products have up-to-date laboratory analysis.
  • For the processing and production of Galbanum essential oil, efficient and standard equipment should be used.
  • The producer group should have full knowledge of the principles of processing to produce standard essential oil (interpretation of GC charts).
  • A high-quality raw material (Galbanum resin) should be used.

Galbanum essential oil and its analgesic effect

Medicinal use Galbanum essential oil has a sedative and calming effect on the nervous system and is used in different medicinal forms.

Beta-Pinene found in Galbanum essential oil has a calming and sleepy effect and is used as an aromatic substance.

Antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of Galbanum essential oil

Parasymene present in Galbanum essential oil is used as a diluent in colors and for the production of Thymol, which has anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral effects.

Volatile oil analysis and antibacterial and antifungal activity of Galbanum essential oil; showed that this oil contains alpha-Pinene compounds and its biological activity is also related to these compounds.

Galbanum essential oil has also been effective against the bacteria responsible for causing acne.

We have come to the end of another Galbanum article and I hope that this article from Phaidyme Company has been useful to you.

Be with Phaidyme Company.


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