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Tragacanth Gum
Iranian Tragacanth Gum has high quality and many types. For this reason, it is bought in large quantities by European and American countries such as Germany. Due to the lack of conversion and processing industries of Tragacanth Gum in Iran, it is usually exported in raw form.

Only 5% of the Tragacanth Gum extracted in Iran is used for domestic uses and is mainly used in such industries as food (chocolate making) and cosmetic products such as Tragacanth Gum hair gel.

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What is a Tragacanth Gum?

Tragacanth Gum (Astragalus extract) is a substance that has the following characteristics:

  • Hard
  • Odorless
  • Tasteless (slightly sweet)
  • In white, pale yellow, pale brown, and dark brown colors

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Global markets do not know much about the most up-to-date benefits of Tragacanth Gum. For this reason, the potential of this white gold has not been used as it should be.

Tragacanth Gum Price in 2024

  • How much is the price of per kilogram of tragacanth gum?
  • How is the price of each kilo of Iran’s export Tragacanth Gum determined?
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Tragacanth Gum Price , Tragacanth Gum Wholesaler , tragacanth gum structure , vermiform tragacanth , tragacanthin structure , Gum Tragacanth Supplier , tragacanth gum price , Katira Gum Price

Viscosity is the most important indicator that can be used to measure the quality of Tragacanth Gum.

Usually, each country that buys Iranian Tragacanth Gum has a specific standard for the viscosity of Gum Tragacanth.

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For example, Germany uses Iranian Tragacanth Gum for pharmaceutical purposes. For this reason, its standard for viscosity is different from the standard of the UAE.

What International Buyers Are Not Aware of

One of the biggest mistakes made by pharmaceutical companies and foreign businessmen of Tragacanth Gum is their ignorance of the existence of many habitats and species of Astragalus in Iran.

Why Is This an Important Point?

Tragacanth Gum breeding Astragalus are scattered in different proportions, special species and varieties in each region.

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As an example, in a region of Iran, a species of Astragalus that produces Tragacanth Gum is called (A. fascculifolius Boiss.). It exists at altitudes of more than 1,100 meters above sea level.

Also, many species of Astragalus plants have special salts and elements in their bodies. For instance, Selenium is among such elements that the plant probably does not need it.

On the other hand, during research that was conducted to compare some chemical compounds and rheological properties of leaked Tragacanth Gum from two (A. floccosus) and (A. rahensis) Astragalus species, Iranian researchers found the following results.

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In certain food processing industries, we need to know the functional characteristics of Tragacanth Gum types. Such use cases include:

  • Stabilization of soft drinks
  • Using fat replacers
  • Microencapsulation, and appropriate mouthfeel

The results of this research show that different types of Tragacanth Gum have different characteristics.

Therefore, in different branches of the food industry such as dairies, cereals, drinks, sauces, etc., a special type of Tragacanth Gum must be used to create specific functional characteristics.

One of the main reasons why Phaidyme’s sales and export department requires an official letter of intent (LOI) from international buyers of Tragacanth Gum is to offer a variety that is exactly suitable for the buyer’s intended use and standards in terms of the type of Astragale plant and the tragacanth gum quality.

Pay Special Attention to the Viscosity of Tragacanth Gum

Pharmaceutical companies and foreign businessmen had repeatedly complained about this in the initial negotiations with Phaidyme, saying that we had previously purchased Ribbon Tragacanth Gum from other companies, but after we received the product and conducted the necessary tests on it, we found that the viscosity of the tragacanth gum we bought did not match the seller’s claim, or the lab analysis sheet provided by the seller was from an invalid lab or was obtained using non-standard equipment.

Where have these pharmaceutical companies and businessmen gone wrong?

There are several factors that I will examine below.

Mistake 1:

They didn’t do thorough research on the reliability of the lab where the viscosity test was done.

Mistake 2:

They chose and bought the Tragacanth Gum only based on color and not based on its viscosity in one hour and 24 hours.

Mistake 3:

They were not fully aware of the existence of 5 Ribbon Tragacanth Gum models in Iran with different relative values.

Note: Please note that each of the 5 Ribbon Tragacanth Gum models in Iran have different viscosities and naturally their prices are also different.

Many buyers think that the white color of the Tragacanth Gum is a good indication of its high quality. This is even though a Tragacanth Gum, having a white color, may not be suitable for medicinal uses at all.

In an experiment conducted by Phaidyme researchers, the viscosity of two samples of Tragacanth Gum was tested at a temperature of 20°C and for 24 hours. One of the samples was yellow and the other was pale yellow. Despite what was expected, yellow Tragacanth Gum had a higher viscosity than the pale yellow sample.

According to the mentioned cases, it is recommended to tell the seller exactly the details of your required Tragacanth Gum before buying, especially for pharmaceutical uses.

Phaidyme prepares and ships the Tragacanth Gum exactly according to the uses of international buyers. In this way, the buyer can make sure that the price they pay is exactly based on their needs.

Fate of High-Quality Iranian Tragacanth Gum

What do pharmaceutical companies in the world do with Tragacanth Gum purchased from Iran?

The first, Phaidyme Company experts purify and grade the extracted Tragacanth Gum in Iran.

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Cold tablets containing Iranian Tragacanth Gum are sold at a high price in German pharmacies , Tragacanth Gum Wholesaler , tragacanth gum structure , vermiform tragacanth , tragacanthin structure , Gum Tragacanth Supplier , tragacanth gum price , Katira Gum Price

They do this through several stages according to the amount and use announced by international customers and pharmaceutical companies. Then they prepare Tragacanth Gum for export in standard packages with fixed weight.

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A large part of Phaidyme’s Tragacanth Gum is exported to the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Japan
  • France
  • Georgia
  • India

Iranian Tragacanth Gum is often used in medicinal products in the above-mentioned countries.

The Germans use first-grade (Grade A) Iranian Tragacanth Gum as a thickener in the composition of many tablets.

For example, cold tablets containing Tragacanth Gum are sold at a high price in German pharmacies.

The important active ingredient of Tragacanth Gum is “Tragacanthin”.

The countries importing Tragacanth Gum, especially Germany, usually use this precious gum for the following purposes:

  • As a gelling, suspending agent and bind tablet masses
  • Microencapsulation of various substances such as vitamins
  • Healing some wounds

The interesting point is that many medicines and cosmetic products that contain Iranian Tragacanth Gum are returned to Iran and are sold at very high prices. Among these products, facial and hair masks can be mentioned.

Iranian Researchers Have Found Three of the Latest Uses of Tragacanth Gum

Case 1:

When turning wheat into flour, its micronutrients are separated and bread becomes a poor product in terms of nutritional value. However, adding Tragacanth Gum with special methods can compensate for the lack of iron in bread.

Case 2:

In plant tissue culture medium, Tragacanth Gum can be used instead of agar (a type of seaweed).

Agar is used as a gel-producing substance in most culture media. In an experiment, Tragacanth Gum was used instead of agar.

The results of this test indicated the successful performance of the Tragacanth Gum.

Agar has a high price in Iran because it is an imported product. According to the findings of the researchers, if you use Tragacanth Gum, you can save a lot of money, because the best Tragacanth Gum in the world is available in Iran in large quantities.

Case 3:

Another group of Iranian researchers proved that the alkalized Tragacanth Gum has a positive effect on the optical and mechanical properties of historical paper documents.

Therefore, it is possible to restore strength and stability to historical paper documents through the use of Tragacanth Gum.

Why is Iran Considered Tragacanth Gum’s Cradle?

To answer this question, we should consider different types of Astragalus in Iran.

The Astragalus genus has nearly 800 species in Iran. Some of these species are thorny and the rest are herbaceous species, often fodder. Also, nearly 400 of these species are unique to Iran.

Tragacanth Gum-Producing Astragalus

Section platonychium

In this section, I will mention some of the Astragalus that produce Tragacanth Gum and are in Section “Platonychium”.

1Astragalus echidna Bunge
2Astragalus echindaeformis Sirjev
3Astragalus floccosus Boiss.
4Astragalus gossypinus Fischer 
5Astragalus hypsogeton Bunge
6Astragalus longistylus Bunge
7Astragalus meschedensis Bunge
8Astragalus microcephalus Willd.
9Astragalus myriacanthus Boiss.
10Astragalus verus Olivier

They are among the most famous Astragalus that produce Tragacanth Gum.

Section Rhacophorus

In special cases, local people also extract Tragacanth Gum from the species of “Rhacophorus” with the following names.

1Astragalus andalanicus Boiss. & Hausskn.
2Astragalus compactus Lam.
3Astragalus globiflorus Boiss.
4Astragalus pycnocephalus Fischer

Section Brachycalyx

The species of Section “Brachycalyx” are more or less Tragacanth Gum producers.

I will mention their names below.

1Astragalus albispinus Sirj & Bornm.
2Astragalus caspius Bieb.
3Astragalus adscendens Boiss. & Hausskn.

The Most Common Tragacanth Gum-Producing Astragalus Species in Iran

Tragacanth is a generic name for the Tragacanth Gum.

In Iran, Tragacanth Gum extracted from two different Astragalus species is more common than Tragacanth Gum extracted from other Astragalus species.

These two types of Astragalus species are:

1. White (cotton, oyster) sedum with scientific name:

Astragalus gossypinus Fischer

2. Yellow Tragacanth Gum with scientific name:

Astragalus verus Olivier

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The Reason Why Iranian Tragacanth Gum Is Valuable in World Markets

There is an important question:

Why Iranian Tragacanth Gum is highly valued in international markets?

Apart from the importance of Tragacanth Gum in the pharmaceutical industry, only 3 countries in the world produce this gum on a large scale, including:

  • Iran
  • Turkey
  • Syria

Therefore, Tragacanth Gum is considered a very luxurious and special gum.

Between 150 and 230 tons of Tragacanth Gum are produced annually in Iran. In terms of quality and purity, this type of Tragacanth Gum is the first among the producing countries.

Characteristics of High-Quality Iranian Tragacanth Gum

Approximate dimensions2.5 cm long and 1.2 cm wide
ColorYellowish white
TransparencyA little transparent
StructureHorn shaped
TasteA slight taste

Different Grades of Tragacanth Gum in Iran

Iranian Tragacanth Gum is divided into 11 grades in terms of quality.

The first-grade type of Tragacanth Gum is used for pharmaceuticals, while the lower-grade Tragacanth Gums are usually used in the food and textile industries.

In the following, I will get acquainted with the grading of Iranian Tragacanth Gum in terms of quality:

Relative valueDescriptionGradeStructure
100Fine flat druggist s ribbon No.1Ribbon
93White flat druggistsNo.2
82Light cream curly ribbonNo.3
62Mid-cream flat ribbonNo.4
41Pinkish mixed ribbonNo.5
38Mid-cream thin flakeNo.26Flake
34Amber-thick flakeNo.27
29Amber-brown thick flakeNo.28
26Reddish-brown mixed hoggy flakeNo.55

Classification of Tragacanth Gum Based on Structure

Tragacanth Gum is classified based on the type of tool used to extract the Tragacanth Gum from the Astragalus plant and also the way of making the scratch.

While natives in each of the regions of Iran where Tragacanth Gum is harvested give different names to this gum, in general, Tragacanth Gum is categorized into 3 types as follows:

Sheet or Laminated Tragacanth Gum

Sheet or Laminated Tragacanth Gum oozes out due to deep scratching of the stem of the Astragalus plant and is usually easily harvested.

Most of the Tragacanth Gums produced in Iran are of the sheet type.

Nail Tragacanth Gum

A nail Tragacanth Gum is released by inserting a nail into the plant.

The shape of this type of Tragacanth Gum can be round or angular depending on the cross-section of the nail. This method for extracting is very limited because it is difficult to harvest the gum of Tragacanth Gum in this way.

The nail Tragacanth Gum is in the form of a wide cloth with a raised part around or in the middle.

Flake Tragacanth Gum

Flake Tragacanth Gum oozes out due to the impact of hard and large objects such as picks, axes, and wounding in the plant.

This type of Tragacanth Gum is lumpy may be mixed with dust and is not of good quality. But it has a small volume and a large mass and is in the form of twisted and smoky strings or strips.

Basic Factors that Influence the Amount of Tragacanth Gum Production

The amount of Tragacanth Gum produced by the Astragalus plant is expressed in grams per square meter. This factor can vary based on the canopy of the plant and the number of plants in a certain area.

The amount of extracted gum may be affected by various factors and cannot be accurately determined. For this reason, to determine the actual amount of production gum, other factors should be considered, which are:

  • The surface of the plant crown
  • The diameter of the plant collar
  • Plant’s age
  • The freshness of the plant
  • Scratching time
  • Number of Scratching
  • The method of scratching
  • Habitat area

Tragacanth Gum Ingredients

Tragacanth Gum includes the following ingredients:

ParameterAmount or Percentage
Water10 - 15
Minerals3 - 4

Usually, 60 to 70% of Tragacanth Gum is not soluble in water. But by absorbing moisture, it becomes a sticky glaze.

For this reason, starch particles can be seen inside.

Minerals of Tragacanth Gum mainly include the following:

compoundScientific symbol

In general, there are 2 types of effective ingredients in Tragacanth Gum which are significant:

Tragacanthin20 - 30Soluble in water
Bassorin60 – 70Insoluble in water, especially in cold water

Note: In high-quality Tragacanth Gum, the amount of Bassorin should not be less than 60%.

Tragacanthin is composed of Uronic acid linked to several molecules of Arabinose sugar.

Bassorin (Tragacanthic acid) consists of D-Galacturonic acid connected to d-galactose and d-xylose sugars.

Chemically, Tragacanth Gum is a mixture of a number of polysaccharides. The molecular weight of Tragacanth Gum is 840 kDa.

The color of the gum produced by the Astragale plants ranges from white to yellow and even red. In some cases, red gum is secreted from rare bushes among the Astragalus for an unknown reason.

Tragacanth Gum is generally composed of calcium, magnesium, and potassium salts.

Unlike other gums, it retains its viscosity for a long time when dissolved in water.

Scientific Achievements on Tragacanth Gum in Iran

Among the scientific achievements based on Tragacanth Gum in Iran, the following can be mentioned:

  • Properties for thickening of dairy and food products
  • Properties strengthening of stabilizers
  • Dough and bread enrichment
  • Coverage of effective drugs to treat diseases including cancer

So far, more than 132 research papers have been published by Iranian researchers on how to use Tragacanth Gum in various industries and for medicinal purposes.

In this article, I (as a member of the great Phaidyme team) tried to guide you in choosing and buying Tragacanth Gum so that you can buy the best Tragacanth Gum based on your uses.


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