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Cumin Seeds
Iran has been a global leader in cumin seeds trading for many years. Currently, a substantial amount of the world’s demand for this product is met from Iran. In the past, Iran was the largest supplier of cumin seeds to the United States.

Cultivation of cumin requires special ecological conditions, which is why it is only produced in certain regions of the world. Iran is also among one of those certain countries, having a suitable ecology for the cultivation of cumin.

Our unwavering commitment to quality has established us as a trusted supplier to countries across the globe. We take pride in adhering to strict quality standards throughout every step of the production cycle, ensuring that Phaidyme cumin seeds meet the highest expectations and are perfectly suited for culinary use.

In accordance with the target country and final consumer usage pattern (in spices, as herbal tea, or food essence and …) in that country, Phaidyme Company will maintain strict quality standards throughout the production cycle of cumin seeds until it reaches to its consumers.

Please note that a “target country” is a country from which a merchant or a company sends us a letter of intent (LOI).

From traditional dishes in the Middle East to innovative culinary creations in Western Asia, cumin seeds is an integral flavor in many cuisines. In Germany, cumin seeds are commonly enjoyed with bread, while in Netherlands, they are often combined with Leyden cheese.

Leyden Cumin Cheese form Netherlands , Cumin seeds wholesale price , Cumin seeds Manufacturer in Iran , Cumin seeds Supplier in Iran , Bulk Cumin Seed , Cumin Seeds Wholesalers , Iran Cumin Seed
Leyden Cumin Cheese form Netherlands , Cumin seeds wholesale price , Cumin seeds Manufacturer in Iran , Cumin seeds Supplier in Iran , Bulk Cumin Seed , Cumin Seeds Wholesalers , Iran Cumin Seed

Phaidyme Company is dedicated to providing premium quality cumin seeds that enhance the taste and aroma of your culinary creations. We are committed to ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of purity and safety, allowing you to experience the authentic flavors of cumin seeds in every dish you prepare.

Countries that import cumin seeds from Iran

Country’s that import cumin seeds from Phaidyme Company mostly include:

  • Ukraine
  • Japan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Austria
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Russia
  • Turkey (Türkiye)
  • Pakistan
  • Tajikistan
  • Lebanon
  • Azerbaijan
  • Uzbekistan

Technical specifications of Phaidyme Company’s cumin seeds

QualityEuropean - CRE 101
Purity99.5 %
ProcessMachine Cleaned / Sortex Cleaned
Volatile Oil Content 2.4 ml/100 g
Admixture0.5 %
Moisture ± 2 %7 %

Phaidyme Company exports its cumin seeds with an exceptionally high purity of 99.5%.

What does it mean for cumin to have a purity of 99.5%?

This means that if you buy 50 tons of cumin seeds from Phaidyme Company and randomly open one or some of the bags; The purity percentage of cumin seeds in those bags should be 99.5%.

Note: Many merchants and companies in different countries may initially inform you that their cumin seeds have a purity of 99% and because of that you should buy cumin seeds in bulk from them. But after delivering the cargo and checking a few bags at random, you find out that the seller has cheated and the entire amount of cumin seeds purchased is not 99% pure!

Probably, the load you bought is such that some of the bags have 99%, some have 94%, and another part has 96% purity.

Therefore, before buying and paying the full price of cumin seeds as well as paying heavy international shipping costs, pay attention to this important issue and buy cumin seeds from reputable merchants and companies.

Phaidyme standards for cumin seeds

Our criteria for cumin seeds are meticulously assessed by our company prior to export to ensure compliance with established standards.

These standards include:

  • Physical appearance assessment
  • Appearance of the seeds
  • Chemical composition analysis
  • Packaging standards
  • Storage conditions

We are the only commercial company in Iran that examines cumin seeds regarding the standards above before export with advanced equipment and very high precision.

The physical standards of our cumin seeds

  • Aroma
  • Perfume
  • Taste

Cumin seeds must be aromatic and have its own aroma and be free of foreign odors with the smell of cumin seeds.

The visual standards/appearance of our cumin seeds

Cumin seeds must be free of any additives and pollutants.

Cumin seeds must be free of the following:

  • Live insects
  • Molds
  • Dead insects and their body parts
  • Rodent contamination that can be seen with the naked eye (such as mouse droppings).

Chemical standard of our cumin seeds

The Phaidyme Company’s specialists examine cumin seeds before export based on the following characteristics:

  • Maximum mass percentage of moisture
  • Maximum mass percentage of total ash based on dry matter
  • The maximum mass percentage of ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid based on dry matter
  • Minimum mass percentage of volatile oil in milliliters per 100 grams of dry product
  • Minimum mass percentage of non-volatile ether extract (NVEE) based on dry matter
  • The maximum weight percentage of cumin seeds that has changed color to black
  • Maximum percentage of broken grains
  • Maximum mass percentage of foreign materials

Packaging standards of our cumin seeds

The bag chosen for cumin seeds packaging should follow two criteria:

  • Maintaining the quality (same as when the product was harvested) until reaching the consumer
  • Increased shelf life

Phaidyme Company carefully selected the best bag for cumin seeds packaging, taking into consideration the following potential threats.

Mechanical damage:

If cumin seeds is broken, it loses a large part of its aroma and flavor and its effective substance, and also no buyer wants the percentage of broken seeds to be high compared to the total amount purchased.

Cumin seeds usually breaks during transportation, storage, and due to sudden pressure and vibration.


Cumin seeds tend to absorb moisture, which can cause a decrease in the quality of cumin seeds.

When water activity exceeds a certain value, microbial spoilage or chemical changes occur.

Gases and vapors can be diffused by molecular diffusion.

Temperature change:

The effectiveness and appearance of cumin seeds packaging must be maintained when exposed to temperature changes.

Exposure to light (Light Penetration):

Exposure to light causes vitamin loss, color change and breakdown of cumin seeds fat. In order to eliminate long wavelength waves, cumin seeds packaging should be opaque or colored.

Chemical and biochemical observations:

Cumin seeds packaging should be made of materials that are inert to its contents.

In choosing the material used in the production of cumin seeds packaging, safety and quality considerations should be considered.

One of the main problems in moving and storing cumin seeds is insect attack. The packaging should not be made of materials that insects can penetrate into.

Phaidyme Company has chosen the best packaging for cumin seeds by considering the following criteria:

a) Cumin seeds packaging should keep its contents completely clean and against physical hazards. Moisture, oxygen, light, microorganisms and all factors of pollution should have the effect of preventing and protecting.

b) Cumin seeds packaging should be resistant to risks such as impact, spoilage, vibration and weather risks during the transportation process, even if possible.

c) The packaging should maintain the nutritional value of cumin seeds at an acceptable level and not have an adverse effect on the microbiological quality of cumin seeds.

d) The packaging must protect cumin seeds from all the risks that can be harmful to the health of the consumer during the production process until reaching the consumer.

e) The packaging should contain cumin seeds information such as product brand name, production date, expiration date and weight.

Storage Standards for Cumin Seeds

Phaidyme Company has set the following standards for cumin seeds storage:

a) Cumin seeds bags should be kept in warehouses protected from sunlight, rain, and high heat.

b) The cumin seeds storage warehouse should be dry and free of unpleasant odors and protected against the entry of insects and worms.

c) Ventilation equipment should be designed for optimal ventilation, and effective in both dry and wet conditions.

d) Cumin seeds storage warehouse should be equipped with necessary equipment for evaporation, burning and fumigation of disinfectants.

Note: Before cumin seeds is stored in the warehouse, Phaidyme Company experts inspect the quality and condition of the cumin seeds to prevent the spread of any disease to the other stored cumin seeds.

Why do reputable international companies buy cumin seeds from Phaidyme?

For several years, Phaidyme Company has been operating as one of the top Iranian companies in the field of exporting herbal products, gum, essential oils, medicinal plants, and especially cumin seeds.

There are three crucial questions:

  1. What has led to the longevity of Phaidyme Company in the world cumin seeds market?
  2. What are the underlying reasons for satisfied customers in different nations regarding Phaidyme Company’s cumin seeds?
  3. Why do businesses and major firms consistently purchase cumin seeds from Phaidyme Company annually?

Our answer:

A. The Phaidyme Company has a team of trained professionals dedicated to ensuring their cumin seeds meet all physical, appearance, chemical, packaging, and storage standards.

B. The purity percentage (99.5%) of Phaidyme Company’s cumin seeds remains the same, even in high tonnages.

C. Our cutting-edge cleaning machines are designed to remove the smallest impurities and foreign substances in an effective and efficient manner. Our cleaning machines are highly accurate and fast, ensuring that customer orders are prepared quickly.

D. Regular presence of operators to review the seeds after the final cleaning stage and before packaging

E. We use suitable packaging for cumin seeds that meets international standards and preserves its maximum odor, taste, and active ingredient.

F. Full compliance with requirements such as room temperature, critical humidity (CH) level and relative humidity (RH) in cumin seeds storage warehouses.

How does Iranian cumin seeds differ from Indian cumin seeds?

Iranian cumin seeds, just like Iranian saffron, are considered a premium product.

What is the difference between Iranian cumin seeds and Indian cumin seeds? , Cumin seeds wholesale price , Cumin seeds Manufacturer in Iran , Cumin seeds Supplier in Iran , Bulk Cumin Seed , Cumin Seeds Wholesalers , Iran Cumin Seed
What is the difference between Iranian cumin seeds and Indian cumin seeds? , Cumin seeds wholesale price , Cumin seeds Manufacturer in Iran , Cumin seeds Supplier in Iran , Bulk Cumin Seed , Cumin Seeds Wholesalers , Iran Cumin Seed

Iranian Cumin seeds are significantly more fragrant than Indian ones. Although, tests by Phaidyme company experts show that the amount of essential oil of Iranian cumin seeds is slightly less than that of Indian cumin seeds.

Therefore, if your purpose in buying cumin seeds is to use them in cooking and producing spices, Iranian cumin seeds are the best choice.

The presence of brokers in the export of Iranian cumin seeds

Examining the marketing path of cumin seeds shows that there are many factors and intermediaries in the path of production to export of this product; So that about 97.5% of cumin seeds produced in Iran is exported to different countries through intermediaries and brokers!

Also, our investigations showed that the share of producers in the export price of Iran’s cumin seeds is only about 60%.

We recommend that you purchase cumin seeds from the major manufacturer rather than from middlemen. This is because they may offer unrealistic prices, and the quality of the cumin seeds you purchase in bulk may not be what you want.

How to Identify a Major Cumin Seeds Producer?

For export, Iranian cumin seeds must have certain characteristics and standards to obtain permission to pass through Iran’s customs.

Only companies that specialize in the production, purification and export of cumin seeds are able to obtain these standards; Because only these companies have the necessary infrastructure to obtain all the necessary standards of cumin seeds for export.

Businessmen and start-up companies in Iran or companies that are active in the field of exporting other products except cumin seeds, are not able to produce cumin seeds according to the required standards. For this reason, if you ask these types of merchants and companies to buy cumin seeds, they will inevitably go to companies such as Phaidyme, which specializes in the field of cumin seeds export, in order to buy and inquire cumin seeds wholesale price. And after inquiring the price from us and adding their profit to the price announced by Phaidyme Company, they will announce the final price to you.

Real story: One of our cumin seeds customers was an Indian company, and after some time we found out that the founders of that company were Iranians who had registered a company in India and had a company in Iran as well. The main activity of this company was to export dates, kiwi, apples and saffron from Iran to India. They intended to sell Phaidyme’s cumin seeds to an Indian customer, in an arbitrage opportunity, at a much higher price than what we had informed them.

Therefore, we recommend thoroughly evaluating your seller when buying cumin seeds from Iran.

Cumin seeds products

Cumin seeds are used to produce the following products:

  • Essential oil
  • Spices
  • Cumin seeds extract
  • Tea
  • Oral drops
  • Oral soft capsule

These spices die without cumin seeds

Cumin seeds is a widely-used and popular spice around the world.

In different countries, depending on the food culture of that country, cumin seeds powder is used in combination with many spices.

By looking at the table below, you will understand why the global cumin seeds trade has a good market for the production of cumin powder.

The name of the spiceConsumer countries
Chili powderMexico, North America, Spain
Curry powderPakistan, India, Afghanistan
Garam masalaIndian subcontinent
Chaat masalaPakistan and North India
Adobo Sauce SpiceMexico
BerbereEthiopia and Eritrea (A northeast African country on the Red Sea coast)
HarissaIran, Persian Gulf countries, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh
Ras-El-HanoutNorth African countries, especially Morocco
Paanch Phoran powderIndia
BaharatThe Middle East, especially the Turkish, Kurdish and Arab regions, and even parts of Africa, including Morocco
Chermoula Sauce SpiceNorth Africa

How do popular brands of spices in the world buy cumin seeds?

Popular spice brands worldwide buy cumin seeds directly from Phaidyme Company in a raw form, with a purity level of 99.5%, and in large quantities. Then they powder the purchased cumin seeds gradually and based on the market demand.

An important question that arises from this practice is:

Why do these brands choose to purchase cumin seeds from Phaidyme in its raw and unbroken form?

To answer this, it is imperative to note that there are two significant advantages to this approach.

Benefit 1:

When cumin seeds is broken or powdered, a substantial amount of its pungency and aroma can be lost. For that reason, spice companies purchase whole and unbroken cumin seeds from us. This allows them to crush it to their desired specifications and provide it to their market with maximum fragrance.

If cumin seeds are ground at the point of origin, such as our warehouses in Iran, the time gap between production and final delivery can cause significant deterioration in its fragrance. The cumin seeds may lack any meaningful flavor once the powdered form reaches its final destination.

Benefit 2:

because they buy cumin seeds with high purity; Therefore, there will be less foreign substances in the process of pulverizing cumin seeds, which causes the intensity of the aroma resulting from the pulverization of cumin seeds to be greater than the aroma resulting from the pulverization of foreign substances and impurities, and this leads to greater customer satisfaction and The final consumers of spices.

Cumin seeds price

The wholesale price of our product depends on the compliance of each of the physical, appearance, chemical, packaging and storage standards in the production and preparation of cumin seeds for export, which were fully addressed above.

Customers of Phaidyme Company in multiple countries (such as Ukraine and the UAE, etc.) purchase cumin seeds from us, regardless of the type of packaging, with the following characteristics:

  • Cleaned and free of any foreign material (stalks, soil, straw, sand, silica, pebbles and other edible grains)
  • Has a safe level of humidity (high humidity can cause the growth of harmful bacteria)
  • Absence of food additives
  • Has a suitable level of volatile substances and essential oils
  • It has the right aroma and taste
  • The cumin seed broken ratio (%) should be low

What is cumin seeds?

Cumin seeds is the dry seed of the plant (Cumin cyminum L.), which is known as “Green Gold (Talaye Sabz)” in Iran. Cumin seeds are spindle-shaped and narrows at both ends.

What is cumin seeds? , Cumin seeds wholesale price , Cumin seeds Manufacturer in Iran , Cumin seeds Supplier in Iran , Bulk Cumin Seed , Cumin Seeds Wholesalers , Iran Cumin Seed
What is cumin seeds? , Cumin seeds wholesale price , Cumin seeds Manufacturer in Iran , Cumin seeds Supplier in Iran , Bulk Cumin Seed , Cumin Seeds Wholesalers , Iran Cumin Seed

Synonymous scientific terms for cumin seeds:

1Cuminum officinale Garsault
2Cuminum odorum Salisb.
3E. cumin

Cumin is pronounced

English pronunciation:


American pronunciation (both are correct):

“KOO-min” and “KUH-min”

Cumin seeds brand names in the world

LanguageBusiness Names
ArabicKamoun, Kamun
ChineseOu shi luo, Ma qin (Ma ch'in), Xian
hao, Xiang han qin, Zi ran.
EnglishCumin, Roman caraway
FrenchCumin, Cumin de Malte, Cumin blanc, Cumin du Maroc, Faux anis
GermanKreuzkümmel, Römischer Kümmel, Weißer Kreuzkümmel
GreekKimino, Kiminon
IndiaJiiraa (Jeera), Zeera (zira, ziira), afed ziiraa (Safed zira), Safed jiiraa (Safaid jeera)
JapaneseHime unikyoo, Kumin
RussianKmin, Kmin
rimskii, Kmin tminovyi (Kmin tminovyj)

The nutritional value of cumin

HeadingAmount Per 100 g
Energy375 kcal
Carbohydrates44.24 g
Protein17.81 g
Fat22.27 g
Water8.06 g
Dietary fiber10.5 g
Sugars2.25 g

Cumin seeds vitamins

VitaminsAmount Per 100 g
Vitamin A equiv.64 μg
Thiamine (B1)0.628 mg
Riboflavin (B2)0.327 mg
Niacin (B3)4.579 mg
Choline (B4)24.7 mg
Pantothenic acid (B5)0.00
Vitamin B60.435 mg
Folate (B9)10 μg
Cobalamin (B12)0.00
Vitamin C7.7 mg
Vitamin D0.00
Vitamin E3.33 mg
Vitamin K5.4 μg

Cumin seeds minerals

MineralsAmount Per 100 g
Calcium931 mg
Iron66.36 mg
Magnesium366 mg
Phosphorus499 mg
Potassium1788 mg
Sodium168 mg
Zinc4.8 mg
Manganese3.333 mg
Copper0.867 mg
Selenium5.2 µg

Uses of cumin seeds in traditional medicine

Cumin seed’s therapeutic uses in traditional medicine, especially in Iran and India, have been well-known for a long time.

Iranian traditional medicine:

The combination of cumin seeds powder with yogurt is useful for maintaining the softness and smoothness of the facial skin.

The combination of cumin seeds powder with celery juice is useful for eliminating stomach parasites.

Chewing a small amount of cumin seeds because of its aroma, is useful to reduce or eliminate bad breath, the smell of garlic and the smell of onions.

Indian traditional medicine:

Cumin seeds have been used to cure insomnia, colds and fever.

Indonesian traditional medicine:

Cumin seeds have been used to treat dysentery.

African traditional medicine:

Cumin seeds have been used for abortion.

Benefits of cumin seeds

Note: To obtain the benefits of cumin seeds mentioned for the various uses, consulting your doctor is essential.

Note: cumin seeds are also used in the production of veterinary drugs.

The pharmacological effects of cumin seeds include:

  • Antimicrobial effect
  • Insecticidal effects
  • Antidiabetic effect
  • Anticancer effect
  • Antioxidant effects
  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects
  • Central nervous effect
  • Effect on platelet function
  • Hypotensive effect
  • Hypolipidemic and weight reduction effects
  • Gastrointestinal effect
  • Protective effects
  • Bronchodilatory effects
  • Immunological effect
  • Contraceptive effect
  • Anti-amyloidogenic effect
  • Anti-osteoporotic effect
  • Aldose reductase and alpha-glucosidase inhibitory effects
  • Tyrosinase inhibitory effect
  • Effect on erythrocyte hemolysis

Side effects of cumin seeds consumption


The antiflatulent effect (de-gassing effect) of cumin seeds can cause burping, and too much cumin seeds can lead to an increase in the frequency of burping. This excessive belching in public settings can prove embarrassing.

Liver damage:

Consumption of excess cumin seeds over an extended period can result in damage to the liver and kidneys, as the oil in cumin seeds is extremely volatile and unstable.


There is evidence that excess consumption of cumin seeds during pregnancy can cause complications that can result in premature birth or even abortion. It is crucial to monitor the amount of cumin seeds consumed during pregnancy and to consult with a medical expert before incorporating it into your daily diet.

Note: Do not use cumin seeds during pregnancy, unless recommended by your doctor.

Addictive and effective in aggravating the feeling of sleepiness:

Excessive consumption of cumin seeds can be addictive and make you feel drowsy, nauseated. It could also result in a state of clouded consciousness.

Women’s heavy menstruation and heavy periods:

Excessive intake of cumin seeds can bring about heavy menstrual bleeding. We implore you to exercise discretion in consuming cumin seeds during menstruation as a result.

Diabetic patients should be careful:

It is crucial for diabetic patients to regulate their blood sugar levels. On account of cumin seeds possibly causing a rapid drop in blood sugar levels, people suffering from diabetes should only consume cumin seeds in consultation with and under the supervision of their medical specialist. If their doctor has advised them to refrain from consuming cumin seeds, it is imperative for those patients to cease using it altogether.

Note: Regulating blood sugar levels is crucial in the lead-up to surgery. Prior to your operation, your doctor may recommend abstaining from cumin seeds use for a period of 2 weeks in order to help manage blood sugar levels before, during, and after the procedure.

It causes problems for lactating women:

Lactating women should avoid consuming large amount of cumin seeds; Because their milk may decrease.

Note: Do not use cumin seeds during breastfeeding, unless advised by your doctor.


Cumin seeds have the ability to alleviate digestive problems yet excessive use of it can cause digestive problems. One of the most common digestive problems is heartburn.

Skin problems:

Cumin seeds, with its warming nature, may cause hives.

Phaidyme Company is honored to export cumin seeds worldwide, fulfilling requests from credible merchants and businesses while ensuring compliance with all regulations and providing the highest quality products.


Phaidyme company experts:

The article you read was written with great effort by us, we hope you will respect this correct culture and refrain from copying its content without mentioning the source (Phaidyme Company).

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