Coronavirus Disease Treatments With Asafoetida

In the past century, when the influenza pandemic spread in the world and caused many casualties, it is recorded in the books and history that the people of Iran and some countries experimentally or with the help of traditional doctors, knew and used properties of Hing to treat pulmonary pneumonia and viral diseases such as influenza, and for this reason, they could save many patients.

A group of Iranian researchers (2022) with the information they had about the effects of H₂S; started a study in the field of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

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The result of these studies led to the production of a drug called “Covexir Pars“, which was licensed by the Food and Drug Administration of Iran and is still available in the Iranian market.

The only drug in Iran that is produced with a license and in bulk from Hing (Heeng) is the drug Covexir Pars. A drug that has been produced using modern medicine and molecular work.

Another group of Iranian researchers has been able to produce and patent a Nano-structure disinfectant and antiseptic compound using Hing (Asafoetida).

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Covexir Pars drug is another herbal medicinal product based on Hing (Heeng).

The Hing used in the production of Covexir Pars medicine

If you have read other articles about Hing on the Phaidyme website, the first question that will arise for you is, which type of Hing was used to produce Covexir Pars drug?

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The Hing used to produce Covexir Pars drug; it does not contain Coumarin compounds.

Hydrogen sulfide, which is related to Asafoetida sulfur compounds; alone has very prominent antiviral effects. In addition, sulfur compounds increase the body’s defense system against viral diseases.

Possible defects of using Raw Hing

You may imagine that the only reason for the production of the Covexir pars drug was to fight against COVID-19. But there is another secret behind the production of this drug, and that is the possible disadvantages of using raw Asafoetida (Hing).

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Using Raw Hing can cause many problems.

Two important reasons why you should not use Raw Hing without the opinion of an expert or a specialist in traditional medicine:

A. One of the problems is that the raw version of Hing or homemade medicines that have Pure Raw Hing in their composition is not standardized and the dosage is not adjusted.

B. The authenticity of Hing medicine must be verified; Because Hing are extracted from different species of Ferula, and even Hing obtained from fake species (species that may not be the category of Ferula at all) are also known as Asafoetida (Hing) and sold or exported!

The target audience of Covexir pars drug

All people and traditional healers who want to use Hing with a specific dosage; can use this medicine for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and other respiratory diseases such as asthma or other respiratory problems that exist in chemical victims.

People who want to use the traditional uses of Hing (Heeng) can also use this medicine.

Clinical studies of the Covexir pars drug

Before the bulk production of the Covexir Pars drug, two clinical studies have been conducted in connection with the effect of the Covexir Pars drug on COVID-19 patients.

Clinical studies of the Covexir pars drug , COVID-19 Treatments with Hing (Asafoetida) , Coronavirus disease Treatments with Asafoetida , How to get over COVID quickly , COVID-19 treatment at home
Clinical studies of the Covexir pars drug , COVID-19 Treatments with Hing (Asafoetida) , Coronavirus disease Treatments with Asafoetida , How to get over COVID quickly , COVID-19 treatment at home

In the first study, they investigated the effect of the Covexir pars drug without prescribing any other drug to different patients.

In the second study, the aim was to answer the following questions after Covexir pars entered the market:

  • How many percent of patients who use the Covexir pars drug enter the hospitalization phase?
  • How many percent may enter more dangerous phases?
  • What percentage may lead to death?

The first clinical study: the effects of Covexir pars drug were investigated in different phases.

A. Shortness of breath and cough caused by it

The first and most tangible effect of Covexir pars drug on the shortness of breath was very clear and the patients also acknowledged it.

People who had shortness of breath used this drug, and the effect of this drug was clear even on the coughs that followed the shortness of breath.

This study clearly showed the usage of the Covexir pars drug in reducing lung inflammation that can occur in diseases like coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and asthma.

Also, the effect of Covexir pars drug on cough, which occurs after reducing inflammation, was quite clear and significant.

B. muscle pain (Myalgia)

The effect of the Covexir pars drug on muscle pain was also investigated, which had a good effect; that is, compared to people who did not take this drug, it reduced the pain.

C. Anorexia

The Covexir pars drug controls anorexia. People who used this drug admitted that their appetite increased.

The reason for this effect can partly depend on other effects that Hing has, such as:

  • Hing lowers blood sugar slightly
  • Other effects of sulfur compounds in Hing (probably)

D. Olfactory

The Covexir pars drug has also had a favorable effect on the sense of smell.

According to some doctors of Iranian traditional medicine, it is not necessary to eat Hing to affect the sense of smell; maybe smelling the smell of Hing (Asafoetida) can solve the smell problems in different people to some extent.

F. Sense of taste

The effect of Covexir pars drug on the sense of taste was also investigated, and it was found that this drug affects the sense of taste It is also meaningful, but it is not clear.

After the Covexir pars drug entered the Iranian market; the research and development team of this drug set up a health record for 448 patients who had received Covexir pars.

They categorized people into different groups including the following:

  • They had taken other drugs
  • They were vaccinated
  • They had not been vaccinated
  • Being hospitalized
  • Which phase had they entered?

The results showed:

If Covexir pars drug is used in the early stages; it is much more effective than when the patient has entered the critical phase. Of course, this is true for many other drugs as well.

Usually, in the treatment and recovery of diseases, the time of taking medicine is very important.

If it is too late to take the medicine; naturally, the drug cannot work or have the expected effect. But if the time of taking the medicine coincides with the onset of the disease, the effectiveness of the medicine will be great.

The result of all the studies that were conducted on Covexir pars drug; showed that the use of this drug:

  • It reduces mortality by 7.8 times.
  • It reduces hospitalization statistics by 3.4 times.

Among the 448 patients who were taking the Covexir pars drug; only one person died, and according to the person’s doctor, he had a heart problem and that is why he died.

The clinical studies of the research team of Covexir pars drug in connection with the anti-coronavirus effects of Hing (Heeng) were published in two prestigious international journals as “Phytotherapy Research” with an impact factor of 6.388 (in 2021).

Another article has been published by a group of Iranian researchers regarding the promising effects of the disulfide derivatives in the Covexir pars drug against SARS-CoV-2.

You can have direct access to each of the above articles through the following link:

Efficacy of Covexir® (Ferula foetida oleo-gum) treatment in symptomatic improvement of patients with mild to moderate COVID-19: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

In silico exploration of disulfide derivatives of Ferula foetida oleo-gum (Covexir®) as promising therapeutics against SARS-CoV-2

Side effects of Covexir pars drug

A. Nausea due to the bad smell of Hing (Asafoetida)

Covexir pars drug does not have a strong smell because it is inside the capsule and the blister pack. But when a person takes this drug; because it is a little bloated, a person may belch and feel nausea and vomiting.

B. Skin rash

One of the rare side effects is that users may experience a skin rash.

Similar to when we eat hot food like walnuts and then raised red bumps on the skin, the red spots may also appear on the user’s body after eating Covexir pars drug.

C. heart beat

According to a member of the research and development team of Covexir pars drug, among the users of this drug, there were two cases of heart palpitations, which is due to the same complication of drug bloating; because it puts some pressure on the pericardium and causes heart palpitations.

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